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Harlem Shake: Dayton, Iowa State, Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Vanderbilt

At this point we’re not even trying to keep up, but here area few more. Of course, the school’s mascot is included in each of these videos.


Iowa State:

University of Florida:

University of Texas:

University of Wisconsin:



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Bucky Parody Video Gets Violent

Two brothers were arrested last Friday after attacking a Madison, Wisconsin man at a party. Apparently they were unpleased with their level of compensation for the video “Teach Me How To Bucky,” which they produced. Here’s a excerpt from the police report:

 “A 19-year old Madison man was knocked unconscious early Friday morning and taken to a local hospital with a broken nose, a broken orbital bone, and cut to his eye requiring multiple stitches following a fight on Langdon Street. The victim and a 22-year old friend were battered outside of a residence following a dispute with the suspects listed above. One, Mr. Andrew Schecher, had evidently helped the 22-year old victim film the popular dance video: “Teach me how to Bucky” and has not been happy about his level of compensation for his efforts. He says he and his twin brother, the other suspect, had gone to Langdon Street in order to speak with the 22-year old regarding the financial disagreement when a fight broke out.”

If you didn’t catch the video back in Ocotober when it was released, now’s your chance:

On a side note, here’s a really good clip of Bucky really getting down to the song:

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