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Long Live The King! Or Not…

Burger King has announced that they are dropping their King mascot in new on-air advertising set to air starting today. The new campaign will be more family friendly than previous campaign’s featuring the King.

The King was originally introduced by Burger King in 1955 as a kid-friendly cartoon. In 2004, the King was reintroduced as a suave whopper-dealing medieval King who served breakfast sandwiches and ran from authority.

It looks like Ronald McDonald has won this round…

Here’s a few classics in memory of the King:

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Ice Cream Attacked in the Cone

We’re not really trying to make a joke out of this… the title was just too good to pass up.

According to police reports, a 17-year old boy was attacked inside a ice cream mascot suit while working for Marble Slab Creamery in Rock Hill, SC. Apparently he was jumped by four other juveniles outside of a Dick’s Sporting Goods store. Slabby’s helper, a 17-year old girl, was not able to help.

TMB would like to note the lack of peripheral vision in this suit. It’s a lot harder to fend off an attack when you can’t see. At least the cone had arms.

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Hertz Has A New Golden Boy

Give yourself ten seconds on the clock… ready? Okay, now name all of the Car Rental company mascots you can think of. On your mark, get set, go!

Do you have a blank page? So did we. Well, that’s all about to change. Hertz has launched a new mascot in hopes of better targeting the 20-something demographic. Horatio, a golden dashboard figurine has a head shaped like a football and a lower-case “h” on his stomach.

Hertz hopes to make Horatio synonymous with the brand like other popular brand mascots.

Can Horatio help me reduce how much I pay for gas?

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When A Mascot Comments On Your Blog

On Monday, Ad Age published an article about brand mascots on Twitter. We’re sure social media marketers loved the post but we were going to leave it alone. We’re all about mascots being ambassadors for a brand/school/team, but this was clearly a well researched article by Ad Age and they should get all the credit for it.

We weren’t going to mention it on TMB until we started reading the comments and found the this:

Bravo Mike the Tiger! We’re glad you didn’t want to be left out. You have awfully good typing abilities for a tiger. I’m just saying…

For what it’s worth, it’s actually a really good article about patrolling the internet and monitoring your brand in social media.


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