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Florida State Welcomes Back Cimarron

Move over Osceola and Renegade, there’s a new (old) mascot in town!

The Athletics Promotions and Marketing Office at Florida State University announced last week the rebirth of “Cimarron,” a cartoon horse mascot who will make appearances at FSU’s olympic sports, community events, and will be the face of the Seminoles Kids Club.

Fun fact: Florida State has only one mascot, Cimarron. Renegade and Osceola are considered “symbols” of the university and not “mascots.”

It is unclear what Cimarron has been up to since he was last called FSU’s mascot.

We tried to contact Cimarron directly to see how he felt about being back in Tallahassee but all we got was a murmur about being hungry and and oat bag, so we left him alone.

You can follow Cimarron on Twitter at @FSU_Cimarron.
Of course, you can also follow Renegade on Twitter at @FSU_Renegade.

Disclaimer: Based on the tweets, Cimarron’s account is definitely an official account of FSU however Renegade’s might be a fan account.

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