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Capital One Kicks Off 2011 Mascot Challenge

Earlier today, Capital One kicked off another year of the Capital One Mascot Challenge. The sixteen mascots in this year’s competition are Testudo (Maryland), Buzz (Georgia Tech), Sparty (Michigan State), Brutus (Ohio State), Cy (Iowa State), Boomer (Oklahoma), Superfrog (TCU), Benny Beaver (Oregon State), The Duck (Oregon), Wilbur T. Wildcat (Arizona), Mike the Tiger (LSU), Aubie (Auburn), Hairy Dawg (Georgia), Big Red (Western Kentucky), Big Blue (Old Dominion), Wolfie Jr. (Nevada).

All the videos, standings, and voting, can be found on the Capital One Bowl website. There is also plenty of information on the Capital One Mascot Challenge Fan Page.

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Long Live The King! Or Not…

Burger King has announced that they are dropping their King mascot in new on-air advertising set to air starting today. The new campaign will be more family friendly than previous campaign’s featuring the King.

The King was originally introduced by Burger King in 1955 as a kid-friendly cartoon. In 2004, the King was reintroduced as a suave whopper-dealing medieval King who served breakfast sandwiches and ran from authority.

It looks like Ronald McDonald has won this round…

Here’s a few classics in memory of the King:

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Mascot Archives: 1934 – Someone stole the Yale Bulldog

This is not the same Handsome Dan.

We have no idea how we found this article, but it’s pretty funny. An article from The Montreal Gazette dated March 20, 1934 has an article about the theft of Dan, the Yale Bulldog.

The best part is the second paragraph:
“Either the dognappers Handsome Dan a pound of choice hamburger daily and deliver him speedily back to Yale – or else. That’s what Yale boys said.”

We’re not sure what the outcome was here, but we hope Handsome Dan had a hearty meal every day he was away from New Haven.

Bonus: For more fun reading, check out the next article down in the same column. A man who was pronounced dead reappears 33 years later!


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Planking Mania Hits Mascot World

Everyone at TMB is still unsure exactly how we feel about planking. Apparently, some mascots have made up their minds. Planking is a strange “activity” where you lay, face down, with your arms by your side, someone takes a picture of you, and then the photo gets uploaded to a social media site.

Here, Bernie, the Colorado Avalanche mascot, has chosen “to plank”(??) on an escalator (above) and a hockey net (below).

What do you think? I think we’d be more impressed if the planking was unique. We’ve seen this before. Step up your game Bernie!

Photos via @Avalanche.

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Yeshiva University Athletics Unveils New Mascot Logo

Yeshiva University has unveiled a new logo for their mascot, the Yeshiva University Maccabees. According to the press release, the new logo was designed with extensive consideration to the history of the Jewish , people. “Each part of the logo is intended to symbolize and celebrate the Maccabees, a band of Jewish freedom fighters that liberated the land of Israel from the Seleucid Empire.”

YU also released two auxiliary logos, a shield and YU abbreviation.

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