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Forbes Names The Phillie Phanatic America’s Favorite Sports Mascot

Just in case The Phillie Phanatic needed more accolades…

The Phillie Phanatic beat out the San Diego Chicken for America’s Favorite Sports Mascot. The top five were:
1. Phillie Phanatic
2. San Diego Chicken
3. Racing Sausages
4. Mr. Met
5. The Gorilla
You check out the complete list here.
No college mascots made it into the top 10 of Forbes’ list.

Forbes describes the criteria for their selections on their website:
This year’s survey, conducted by The Marketing Arm’s Davie Brown Index, measured pro sports mascots on four key attributes: awareness, appeal, entertainment value and team identification (the degree to which consumers are able to associate a mascot with the team it represents).

Congrats to all the mascots on the list.

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Texas Tech Reveals New Student Mascots

On Friday, Bradley Skinner, a junior animal science major from Arvada, CO., became the 50th Masked Rider to take the reins of Midnight Matador.

According to a local news outlet, the Masked Rider dates back to 1936:
The Masked Rider is the oldest and most popular mascot of Texas Tech University that still exists today. Originally the Masked Rider started as a dare in 1936 and was then called the ghost rider, because no one knew the rider’s identity. The Masked Rider did not become an official mascot until 1954, when Joe Kirk Fulton led the team out onto the field at the Gator Bowl.

Not to be outdone, the Passing of the Guns ceremony also took place last week. The 5-year-old ceremony symbolizes the transition of students portraying the Raider Red. While in service, the students remain anonymous. At the ceremony, the students are unveiled and new anonymous students take over as Raider Red.

The TMB is a huge supporter of mascot anonymity. Congrats to all the students at Texas Tech who are completed their tour of service.

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Williams’ Purple Cow Named Most Lovable Mascot

Even the Purple Cow can't put down a book at Williams College...

As part pf Reader’s Digest’s “Best of America” issue to be released in May, the Purple Cow from Williams College was named the most lovable mascot in the nation.

The Purple Cow beat out the UNCSA Fighting Pickle, the Blue Blob from Xavier University, and Peter the Anteater from UC Irvine.

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When A Mascot Comments On Your Blog

On Monday, Ad Age published an article about brand mascots on Twitter. We’re sure social media marketers loved the post but we were going to leave it alone. We’re all about mascots being ambassadors for a brand/school/team, but this was clearly a well researched article by Ad Age and they should get all the credit for it.

We weren’t going to mention it on TMB until we started reading the comments and found the this:

Bravo Mike the Tiger! We’re glad you didn’t want to be left out. You have awfully good typing abilities for a tiger. I’m just saying…

For what it’s worth, it’s actually a really good article about patrolling the internet and monitoring your brand in social media.


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Welcome Back Purdue Pete!

Welcome back, friend.

Well, that was short-lived. We reported last week that Purdue unveiled a new Purdue Pete who was met with boos at the Black and Gold spring football game. It appears Purdue has changed their minds. They have done away with the new Purdue Pete and brought back the old one.

“The fans have spoken, and we are listening,” athletic director Morgan Burke said Wednesday afternoon. “They like the Purdue Pete they’ve known for the last 30 years, and that’s the one we’re going with.”

The TMB supports this decision and welcomes back an old friend.

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2011 NCA Collegiate Mascot Championship Results

Celebrating in Daytona

Congratulations to Sammy the Bearkat from Sam Houston State on winning the 2011 NCA Collegiate Mascot National Championship! The Championship was held in Daytona Beach, FL last week along with the NCA Collegiate Cheerleading National Championships and the NDA Collegiate Dance National Championships.

The top 5 mascots were as follows:
Sammy the Bearkat – Sam Houston State
T-roy the Trojan from Troy University
Truman the Tiger from the University of Missouri
OCU Starsky Ram from Oklahoma City University
Crunk from Mary Harden Baylor
Click here for the complete results.

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New Purdue Pete Gets Booed

(By Brent Drinkut/Journal & Courier)

Purdue unveiled a new Purdue Pete during their annual Black and Gold spring football game. Let’s just say the Purdue faithful were not entirely please with Pete’s redesign as he was met with boos throughout the stadium. Click on the link for the entire story.

Why the change? Apparently, Pete’s face was scaring little children.

April 14, 2011: Update! Purdue Pete is back!

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