Rocky the Bull wins 2013 Capital One Mascot Challenge

Congratulations to Rocky!


Also congrats to Buzz who will be in next year’s competition.



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New Mascot Alert: Raider Rusher

New life goal: Be the Raider Rusher at least once.

Not loving the new mascot? You’re just jealous the Syracuse Orange didn’t get drafted by your team.


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Timberwolves Respond to Miami’s Harlem Shake Video


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Harlem Shake: Dayton, Iowa State, Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Vanderbilt

At this point we’re not even trying to keep up, but here area few more. Of course, the school’s mascot is included in each of these videos.


Iowa State:

University of Florida:

University of Texas:

University of Wisconsin:




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The Clemson Tiger Does The Harlem Shake

More mascots, more Harlem Shakes!


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The Oregon Duck Does the Harlem Shake

We knew it was only a matter of time before the Oregon Duck would jump on the Harlem Shake crazy. It’s good, but it’s not great. The Oregon Duck doing Gangnam Style was great.


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Florida Gators Do The Harlem Shake

I hope this isn’t the last Harlem Shake mascot video we post. Well done Albert.


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